Some of the biggest organisations and businesses in the country are set to gather today (Wednesday, July 13) for the first time, to map out how they can work together to reverse nature’s decline at a vital summit organised by Natural England.

The Nature Recovery Network (NRN) Delivery Partnership, led by Natural England, brings together representatives from over 600 organisations to drive forward the restoration of protected sites and landscapes and help provide at least 500,000ha of new wildlife-rich habitat across England.

The network will link together our very best nature-rich places, restore landscapes in towns and the countryside and create new habitats for everybody to enjoy.

The partnership represent a diverse range of interest including government, conservationists, businesses, farmers and landowners with members including KPMG, Church of England, National Farmers' Union (NFU), and the council for Sustainable Business.

They will meet discuss how to co-ordinate efforts and pool knowledge and resources to deliver the national Nature Recovery Network.

Commenting, Natural England Chair Tony Juniper said:

"When it comes to the state of nature, we have reached a critical juncture.

"No longer is it sufficient to protect the remnants that we have left, but must now step up to the huge task of securing nature’s recovery.

"This summit is a vital part of the plan to do that.

"Nature restoration can no longer be the preserve of environmental charities, passionate specialists or a government body like Natural England.

"It must be a shared endeavour across society, and that is why we have brought together the Nature Recovery Network Delivery Partnership," he continued.

"It is most heartening to see that the need to take decisive large-scale action is now more widely recognised, underlined by the hundreds of organisations coming together today to drive forward England’s Nature Recovery Network.

"Through working together we can transform the state of nature from decline to recovery."

Timothy Crawshaw, president of Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and chair of Tees Valley Nature Partnership said:

"We are proud to be the host area for this national conference. Nature is needed everywhere for everyone no less so than in Tees Valley.

"The Local Nature Partnership for Tees Valley has over 40 member organisations from the big names in nature like the National Trust, RSPB and the Wildlife Trust to our local groups with an estimated 6000 members involved in nature.

"We are all thrilled to have this national support and recognition that will see the start of an exciting new phase planning and delivering our Local Nature Recovery Strategy."