Liffey Meats has confirmed that it has taken a majority shareholding in the French meat processor Chiron Viandes.

A spokesperson for Liffey Meats confirmed the deal but would not disclose the price Cavan-based meat processor had paid. They also said that the French factory specialises in frozen beef burgers.

The Normandy-based Chiron Viandes employs some 89 people and has been in operation for 35 years.

It has a turnover of €25m and exports some 20% of its product.

The company is based in Colombelles and its main focus is on producing frozen hamburgers for supermarkets, totally in the region of 9,000t of beef annually.

Cavan-based Liffey Meats provides boneless vacuum-packed meat to a variety of customers across Europe.

Currently, the company sells 10% of its production domesticlly and a further 90% is exported.

Liffey’s key customers include Tesco, Brake, Quick, Systeme U, Mecadona, Birdseye, Igloo and McDonald’s.

Dawn Meats

Earlier this month Dawn received approval from the EU Competition Commission for its acquisition of a 49% stake in Elivia, which has a €1 billion turnover business and is the No. 2 beef and veal processor in France.

The agreement with Elivia’s owners (French cooperative Terrena), also includes an option for Dawn Meats to increase its stake in Elivia to 70% by 2019.

According to Dawn Meats, Elivia is a major player in agrifood in France; it is located in Western France and employs 2,600 staff and has annual revenues of over €1bn.