Founded in Sweden over 135 years ago, DeLaval has grown to become a market leader in milking equipment and technology.

Today, the company launched its latest innovation to Irish and UK farmers – the new DeLaval Rotary E100 milking parlour.

The E100 is focused around the four customer challenges of: animal welfare; milk quality; farm profitability; and work efficiency.

When it comes to animal welfare, the E100 is designed to ensure that everything “works to move cows calmly and efficiently trough a gentle and safe process”.

In addition, the E100 is an “efficient machine” which drives the throughput you need. It is this “unrivalled efficiency” that makes it possible to spend less time, with fewer people, milking more cows.

With the ability for one operator to control the milking process and a focus on cow flow that makes it possible to increase throughput, the E100 is claimed to make it possible for you to do more with less.

Claimed key features:

  • Reduced milker workload;
  • Feaster cow exiting;
  • Rotation speed can be controlled by production group settings;
  • Highest milk capacity on the market;
  • Predefined service costs;
  • High throughput with only one milker;
  • Integrated system and tank cleaning;
  • Lower water consumption;
  • Up to 1.5 cow entry for faster loading.

Other key features include the DeLaval FastLane bridge and the DeLaval ComfortBail. With the new DeLaval Fastlane bridge, cows move quickly, calmly and efficiently through every DeLaval Rotary E100 system.

Watch the video below to hear New Zealand dairy farmers share their views of the E100.

In addition, the DeLaval ComfortBail is unique to the E100. This bail hides the wires, pipes and technology and integrates them into the bail. This ensures clearer lines of visibility for the worker and cow; easier, safer access for the milker; and a more consistent approach to the task of getting cows on, milked and off the rotary platform calmly and quickly.

Commenting on the launch, Gary Edwards – CMS Solutions manager – said: “The DeLaval E100 Rotary has been designed around the customer’s and the animal’s needs.

“It has been designed as a complete milking system, focusing on cow flow, cow comfort, efficiency and comfort for the milker.

“Combined with DelPro herd management software, it really offers the farmer complete control of his herd, making it easier for him to make management decisions.

“When working in conjunction with the unique DeLaval teat spray robot (TSR), it is incredibly labour efficient when labour is becoming increasingly challenging for dairy farmers,” he added.

The DeLaval Rotary E100 will be displayed in the UK and Ireland at the UK Dairy Day and the National Ploughing Championships.