The new Faro is a high forage quality, high performance and at the same time the smoothest running rotor-type loader wagon on the market according to its manufacturer Pöttinger.

It says its proven six-row floating pick-up with cam track at both ends ensures perfect ground tracking and clean forage as a result.

Pöttinger says new developments – now available on the Faro – are the wind guard with swath roller for optimised forage flow and an additional tracking roller.

This is positioned behind the pick-up to improve pick-up guidance. The parallelogram tracking roller mounting that can be adjusted independently of the front jockey wheels is unique.

It says this guarantees a one hundred percent float function. The tracking roller can be set up to 50 mm higher.

Pöttinger says the system excels in very wet operating conditions with deep tractor wheel marks: no sinking into wheel marks and precise height control in all situations.

The raw ash content of the forage is greatly reduced as a result. Consequently, clean forage promotes higher milk yield to increase success according to Pöttinger.

The Faro silage wagon was one of the key attractions on the Pöttinger stand at the National Ploughing Championships. It says the feedback it received was very good with a lot of people heading directly for the stand.