Romania has set itself a new wheat harvesting record this summer when a New Holland CR8.90 Revelation combine harvester cut 403.64t in eight hours.

The record attempt was set up by the New Holland importers for Romania, AgroConcept, which coupled the harvester to a MacDon FD140, 12.2m draper-type header.

Team effort by New Holland

There was a team of four operators who started at just after 10:00 in the morning and finished when the referee from the Guinness Book of Records, Seyda Subasi-Gemici, blew the whistle at 18:07.

The performance figures achieved included a total of 65.68ha being cut during the attempt, giving a yield of 6.51t/ha with an average moisture content of 8.2%.

The maximum throughput achieved was 57.5t/hr, the average being 50.45t/hr. 1.91L of fuel was used per tonne of wheat harvested.

A New Holland T8.410 and a T7.315 were each hitched to 30m³ chaser bin to transfer the grain to trucks waiting on the headland.

Proving a point in Romania

The ambition of the company was to prove the performance of what it considers the ideal combine for farms in Romania, as well as its capacity and technical characteristics.

Powered by a 544hp FPT Cursor engine, the machine normally comes equipped with either a 9.15m or 10.7m-wide header, and retails in the region of €500,000.

Romania team record
The team behind the event with the Guinness Book of Records referee

A similar record attempt in the UK in 2014 using a New Holland CR10.90 with 653hp on board, harvested 798t within the same timeframe. It was also equipped with a non standard draper-type header.

Fuel usage was also dramatically less standing at 1.12L per tonne cut, which is probably a reflection of the fact that there was less travel involved due to the crop yielding 9.95t/ha.