New Landini tractors feature increased sophistication and a new engine

Landini has been keeping busy updating its range of tractors this year and the latest models to be launched are the new Series 5 range.

The three models deliver between 95hp and 113hp and are now fully compliant with Stage V emissions standards.

Now powered by FPT

The most notable change from the departing models is the replacement of the Deutz engine with a 3.6L four-cylinder unit from Fiat Powertrain (FPT). This has 16 valves and is turbocharged with intercooling.

It would appear to use a full suite of exhaust treatments to meet the latest requirements, including adblue, for which a 13L tank is provided. The diesel tank itself holds 135L.

A useful feature which Landini has incorporated into these new tractors is an engine memo switch system.

This enables the ideal engine speed to be memorised for an implement and recalled for immediate use.

Wide choice of transmissions

There is a choice of eight transmission configurations available. These range from the Speed Four 12 AV + 12 RM with mechanical reverse shuttle, to the T-Tronic 48 AV + 16 RM.

Hi-Medium-Low, hydraulic reverse shuttle and creeper options may also be specified.

Should the tractor be equipped with the hydraulic reverse shuttle, then it may also be fitted with Park Lock. This is a mechanical transmission locking device that allows the tractor to be parked on steep slopes.

Landini with Fiat Powertrain engine
Cab and front axle suspension help smooth the ride

There is a new suspended axle option which is said to handle rough terrain in a manner which provides increased comfort and safety for the operator.

Enhanced braking ability

These tractors are also fitted with ‘Twin Lock’, a system which provides simultaneous integral locking of the front and rear differentials. It automatically engages and disengages the differential lock and four-wheel drive as required.

Front brakes are oil-bath immersed and are integrated into the front axle.

This provides four-wheel braking, which the company claims, reduces stopping distances by 50%.

Landini refine hydraulics

The hydraulics have not been neglected in the upgrade. A new circuit with a flow rate of up to 82L/min for services and 32 for steering is standard.

A reservoir of 35L of oil is available for external services such as trailer tipping.

A four-pillar cab can be either mounted rigidly or be equipped with suspension. In the latter case, it contributes – together with the suspended front axle – greatly to comfort levels when in operation.

ISOBUS, telematic fleet management and precision steering management are all available as optional extras.