New Redrock dealer appointed in Co. Antrim

Dervock-based Riada Tractors and Agri Sales (Riada) has been appointed as an agent for Redrock Machinery.

The company will serve as a Redrock dealer in Co. Antrim and the surrounding area.

The Riada business is managed by Ken McVicker and his son Boyd.

“We have had an association with Redrock stretching back over 30 years, from both a dairy farming and agricultural contracting perspective,” explained Ken.

“As a result, we are fully aware of the innovation that is associated with its machinery and the tremendous reliability of the equipment.

“When we were approached by the company, we jumped at the opportunity of working with the business. The brand already has a tremendous reputation throughout our catchment area. We want to build on this for the future.”

Riada will sell the entire range of Redrock equipment. This includes slurry and feeding equipment; silage and grain trailers; silage block cutters, straw blowers, low-loaders and farm sweepers.

Redrock’s managing director Frank Flynn said: “Co. Antrim is a very important catchment area for us. There is also tremendous potential to grow our business in that region.

“Redrock is committed to offering the widest possible range of innovative solutions. Slurry management is a case in point. We are providing our customers with the most effective range of pumps, tankers, trailing shoes, injection systems and umbilical spreading options.”

“There is particularly strong demand for our slurry tanker and trailing shoe combinations at the present time. The same holds, where tankers and dribble bars are concerned. Orders for slurry pumps are also very strong.”

Meanwhile, Ken confirmed that Riada will actively promote the Redrock range at events and shows held throughout the Co. Antrim area over the coming months.