A new deal signed today (Friday, March 10) by the UK and French governments will bring “more energy security and independence to the United Kingdom and France”, according to Secretary of State for the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero Grant Shapps.

Under the new deal signed by Shapps and France’s energy minister Agnes Pannier Runacher, the UK and France have committed to further cooperation on civil nuclear, to capitalise on both countries ambitions to significantly grow their sectors.

It also commits France and the UK to work together, along with other G7, leaders, to take action to cut reliance on civil nuclear and related goods from Russia.

Today’s agreement could also have the potential to support an increase in electricity interconnection with France by up to two-thirds, subject to regulatory approval. 

Shapps said he hopes the agreement will help lower energy bills for consumers, and boost the availability of clean renewable energy between both countries. 

“Successful economies need plentiful and reliable energy. Putin’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated that energy security can only be achieved by working with our international friends,” he said.

“We are already partnering with France through these energy interconnectors, but we share the ambition to go much further.

“Today’s agreement could lead to two-thirds boost in our interconnected power bringing more energy security and independence to the United Kingdom and France.”

The agreement will also see both countries both work to tackle barriers to deploying fast-developing low-carbon technologies, including hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCUS), helping create tens of thousands of jobs in the UK.