Vogelsang have long recognised the importance of retaining and evenly reapplying nutrients that have passed through livestock during feeding. This focus is especially welcome during a period of inflated fertiliser prices.

To this end, the company has added to its pair of existing ExaCut distribution heads with the addition of the ExaCut ECC. This unit, according to Vogelsang, "does not require air suction and ventilation hoses, yet boasts an impressively high degree of distribution accuracy".

The idea is that the new rotor it has developed ensures the liquid manure is fed into the hose outlets evenly, where formerly, a small quantity of liquid manure escaped from the air suction, this can no longer happen with the new distribution head.

Re-engineered Vogelsang screw press

The company has also launched a new press screw separator for farmers and biogas plant operators to separate the liquid manure from the solid fraction.

One reason why dairy farmers may consider this, is that the pressure on storage tank volume is greatly eased, although it must be noted that the solids must be kept where further run off may be contained.

The new XSplit press screw separator vogelsang
The solid digestate from XSplit press screw separator can contain as much as 40% dry matter

Vogelsang has re-thought the process of solid-liquid separation and has brought a new approach to the screw press technology behind it.

The major difference to other screw presses is that the drive is located at the solids outlet end and not, as is usual on the market, at the inflow of the raw material.

The advantage of this arrangement is that liquid cannot get into the drive and therefore a shaft seal should no longer be necessary. A reduced maintenance requirement, and therefore lower costs, is pointed to as the major bonus of doing it this way.

In addition, the QuickService concept enables direct access to the screen and screw press for cleaning and repair.

40% dry matter solid fraction

An elastomer sealing disc, against which the screw works in the separation area, promotes reliable plug formation, without extra aid and with greatly reduced initial leakage.

With this sealing disc and the adjustable press area, the press screw separator is capable of delivering a dry matter content in the solid fraction of up to 40%.

Nitrogen conservation

Nitrogen conservation during spreading
Greatly reduced loss of nitrogen during spreading is the claim behind Vogelsang's SyreN acidification system

Although it is not available in locations such as Ireland yet, Vogelsangs's system of slurry acidification aimed at reducing nitrogen loss from the spread material may well be worth keeping an eye on.

The system, known as SyreN, stabilises the liquid manure during spreading by adding sulphuric acid. This promotes optimal nutrient use and can reduce ammonia emissions by up to 70%.