We have reached a point in tractor evolution where those models in the 100-150hp bracket are now termed utility tractors, or they are by Kubota at least.

The company has a point, The average power of tractors now sold is well over 100hp and at least one manufacturer claims its biggest selling model is 170hp.

Having 100 horses available in a general purpose tractor for common tasks around the yard hardly seems excessive nowadays, and the Kubota M6-001 tractors are intended to cater for that market at a reasonable cost.

Utility series replaces MGX range

This new series spans 104-143hp, and complies with EU Stage V emissions regulations due to attention being paid to the exhaust after-treatment package, which, the company claims, also contributes to a lower cost of ownership. 

The series is divided into two wheelbase lengths; the short wheelbase models include the M6-101U and M6-111U. These have a 3.8L Kubota V3800 four-cylinder engine.

Maximum outputs are 104hp and 111hp, with maximum torque figures of 346Nm and 379Nm respectively. These two models weigh 4.3t, and use a 2.54m wheelbase. 

The long wheelbase M6-121U, M6-131U and M6-141U are powered by the company's 6.1L V6108 four-cylinder engine. Outputs are 123hp, 133hp and 143hp. These three larger models weigh 4.8t, and use a 2.68m wheelbase. 

40kph as standard with Kubota

All five tractors come with a 40km/h semi-powershift transmission. This has eight powershifts in three mechanical ranges to provide a 24x24 gearbox. The option of a creeper range increases the choice of ratios to 32x32.

Transmission functionality includes auto-shifting in each range, and a sensitivity dial allowing operators to adjust the responsiveness of gear changes to suit the load on the tractor.  

These new utility models are fitted with Kubota’s portal front axle with bevel gear drive, offering a good ground clearance and a 55 degree steering angle.

The series is priced from £53,300 (€63,735 ROI) for the 104hp M6-101U. The M6-141U comes in at £75,200 (€89,925 ROI). A range of Kubota Care warranty packages are available, offering up to five years and 5,000 hours of cover.