Harvest for Kids has set a new Guinness World Record for the most combine harvesters working together “in continuous use”.

The impressive feat took place on Saturday (August 4) in Winkler, Manitoba (Canada). Thousands of spectators turned up to watch 303 combine harvesters work in unison to smash the previous record.

Beforehand, Harvest for Kids had commented that it “hoped to gather up 300 combines for the event”.

The achievement has now been verified as a new Guinness World Record.

This footage (below) from Saturday’s event was shot by Pembina Valley Online.

It shows many of the machines in action; a variety of makes (brands) and models are visible.

The previous record was set by a similar Harvest for Kids project in Saskatchewan in 2012, when 244 combines harvested (together) consecutively for five minutes.

Who or what is Harvest for Kids?

Harvest for Kids was founded to raise awareness for Children’s Camps International (CCI) – an organisation that works with developing nations to improve the lives of children through camp programmes.

The goal is to raise the funds to enable the organisation to give one million kids the experience of camp.

Closer to home

Interestingly, Irish organisation Combines 4 Charity had previously set a world record (also in 2012) in which more than 200 combines worked together in the same field.

In more recent times, Combines 4 Charity is probably most well known for its Great Grass Event, in which 104 self-propelled forage harvesters all worked simultaneously – on a 100ac site in Co. Meath.