NFU launches ‘Fodder Bank’ as feed stocks tighten across the country

As the heatwave continues, and many farmers turn to silage and increased meal to feed their herds and flocks, the National Farmers’ Union has launched a new online service to pair up those in need with those who have plenty.

The NFU Fodder Bank is a free service that helps members find cattle feed and animal bedding for their farms – or lets them sell any surplus.

Farmers can either appeal for stocks, or list what they have to sell.

How do I add a listing?

To add a list, complete the form on the link above, advising whether you are looking for fodder or have fodder available and the NFU will post your details on the page.

Listings are made public on the page so that everyone can see what’s for sale and what is wanted.

Posts are removed after one month.

‘Place forward orders where possible’

Andrew Ward of Forage Aid said: “The livestock industry continues to have challenging times and again it is weather related.

“Last winter and spring it was the wet cold weather causing animals needs to outstrip the availability of feed and bedding.

Now it is a heatwave and potential drought which poses fresh challenges. For a while now, Forage Aid has been encouraging farmers to place forward orders with their merchants for this coming winter.

“Late drilling of spring crops in the east means straw yields will be low and so availability will be tight.

“The current hot dry weather is limiting grass growth so, as well as straw, forage will be in short supply. We are pleased to be working with the NFU to help promote the Fodder Bank which is a great way of linking farmers with a surplus to farmers with a need.”

Forage Aid can be contacted on: 079-6721-9991; or by visiting: