The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) is warning its members about scam phone calls doing the rounds.

The union said it has received a number of reports from members who have been the target of bogus calls from broker and energy companies.

“These companies have no relation to the NFU or NFU Energy and should be ignored,” the union said.

The scammers are looking to take money from who they call, by claiming to be their service supplier and working them into singing new contracts and handing over personal details.

Scam phone calls

In order to protect yourself from scam phone calls, don’t give any personal information or sign anything if you’re suspicious, the NFU advised.

Should you receive a call purporting to be NFU Energy and suspect that it is a scam, the union recommends confirming your unique reference number on the call.

It is important to note that your supplier, supply number and address is publicly available, and therefore if the caller knows this it is not a sign that they are legitimate.

If you’re unsure of your reference number of if they can’t confirm it then the union recommends hanging up and calling the NFU directly.

You should also terminate the call if they claim to be your supplier but cannot confirm your account number, which is printed on your bills.

To help NFU Energy tackle these calls it asks that you forward any suspicious numbers to the NFU.