The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has today (Monday, April 3) released the brucellosis compensation rates for the month of April.

The compensation payable for reactors and negative in contacts for which notice of intended slaughter is issued in April of 2023 will be either:

  • 75% of the animal’s market value; or
  • 75% of £2,276 (75% of £2,576 in the case of pedigree animals).

Last month’s compensation rates were announced at the end of February and were either 75% of the animal’s market value or 75% of £2,740 (75% of £3,040 in the case of pedigree animals).

The selected measure will come down to whichever is the lesser, according to DAERA.

DAERA compensates herdkeepers when animals are compulsorily removed under the Brucellosis Control Order (Northern Ireland) 2004.

Market value

The “market value” of an animal is defined in the Brucellosis Control Order as meaning the price which might reasonably have been obtained for it at the time of valuation from a purchaser in the market if it had been free from disease, DAERA said.

In terms of how animals are valued, a DAERA valuation officer will contact affected farmers to make appointments to come to the farm and carry out a valuation.

The officer will first check the identification of the reactor and may mark the animal, DAERA said. They will then assess the current market value of the reactor based on their own knowledge and experience.

Farmers are urged to ensure that any documentation in their possession that is relevant to the market value of the animal (for example pedigree certification or milk records or any other relevant information such as progeny or sibling performance) is available at time of valuation.

Only original, valid documents will be considered, the department warned. The valuation officer will also ask whether a female animal is in calf and the stage of pregnancy will be taken into consideration.

The officer will then use the information provided to arrive at the valuation amount, DAERA said.