The sheep trade in Northern Ireland (NI) continues to strengthen with lamb prices between October 30 and November 30, increasing by 52.6p/kg. Like what is being in the south, lamb prices have been enjoying week-on-week increases over the last number of weeks.

The Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) said that quotes for last week ended on 565-570p/kg up to a carcass weight of 22kg with quotes expected to be the same now, at the start of this week at 570p/kg.

Looking at throughput in NI plants last week (week ending November 13) 8,573 lambs were processed - which was back 697 head from the previous week. While 7,389 head lambs were exported to the south for direct slaughter - which also saw a decrease of 748 head. The average deadweight lamb price for last week (week ending November 13) increased by 32.2p/kg to stand at 549.6p/kg. When compared to the same period as last year, the deadweight lamb price was 441.3p/kg, the LMC noted.

Mart trade

Good numbers of lambs were seen going through the ring at marts in NI during the week ending November 18. Lamb prices generally ranged from 500p/kg up to 610p/kg with prices in Rathfriland reaching a tops of 662p/kg. The trade for cull ewes remains strong in the north with prices for the week ending November 18, ranged from £120/head up to £247/head.