The National Sheep Association (NSA) was delighted to give away a range of fictional books centred around the topic of sheep farming to its supporters late in 2020.

To enter the competition, the NSA invited its social media followers to share their thoughts on why they value the UK sheep sector and were pleased to receive a good number of encouraging and uplifting entries that clearly demonstrated a passion for the industry.

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Six lucky winners were randomly selected to win copies of the books including 'If Clouds Were Sheep' and 'Jumping Over Clouds' by author Sue Andrews, and 'Where Crows Would Die' by author and artist Mary Greise.

Although selected at random, winners’ comments that caught the eye included statements of support such as:

  • Sheep have grazed our countryside for generations;
  • They have looked after the biodiversity of our hillsides;
  • They provide wool to keep us warm and they give us food to eat which is farmed to a high standard, the best in the world;
  • It is an honour to be part of UK sheep industry.

Having received copies of the book, the NSA has also been pleased to hear feedback from the winners praising all the titles for their easy to read nature and interesting storylines.

The NSA is planning on further prize giveaways throughout 2021 and encourages interested parties to follow its social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

All new members signing up to join the association also are entered into prize draws on doing so.