A Peterborough man has been fined charges totalling over £18,000 for offences related to trespassing in pursuit of hares.

Fred Holmes pleaded guilty to two offences of trespass in pursuit of hares and two offences of being equipped to trespass in pursuit in hares.

He was banned from keeping dogs for 10 years and was given a three-year criminal behaviour order covering Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire.

The break down of Holmes’ fines is:

  • £16,783.50 for kennelling costs;
  • £562 for the trespass offences;
  • £200 victim surcharges.

The total of his fines £18,557.50.

According to the Lincolnshire Rural Crime Action Team, a pulsar thermal imager, a vehicle and three dogs were forfeited through a deprivation order.

Three members of the Lincolnshire Rural Crime Team were in Boston court today (Friday, November 10) for the sentencing.

Sheep worrying

Last week, Lincolnshire Rural Crime Action Team took to Facebook to say that several sheep attack incidents have occurred in the area in the last few months.

The incidents have led to deaths and serious injuries, according to the team.

The locations of the incidents are:

  • Gorse Lane, Harlaxton;
  • Witham Bank, Short Ferry;
  • Hanby;
  • Corby Glen;
  • Kirkby Underwood.

In an incident on Horncastle bank of the River Bain, five sheep drowned and three were seriously injured. A number of sheep were bitten.

The dog owner swam in the river to try and stop the dogs, Lincolnshire Rural Crime Action Team said.

“This could have been so much worse leading to the loss of a human life,” the team said.

“We will never stamp out negligence by dog owners but we can all try and prevent it by training and keeping dogs under-control and on leads in the area of livestock and wildlife.

“Your dog is a killer in the countryside and it doesn’t have to make contact with a sheep to kill it.

“We will prosecute and if necessary we will seek to remove your legal right to keep a dog.”