Claas is showing off its new Torion loading shovels at this week's huge Agritechnica show in Germany.

AgriLand has been anticipating this launch for quite some time; we brought you pictures of a concept/test machine back in August of this year.

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These loading shovels are the result of a collaboration with Liebherr. The biggest unit in the seven-model line-up is the Torion 1914 (below).

Agritechnica Claas Torion

The 1914 is fitted with a 228hp Liebherr engine; it weighs 19.5t. The slightly smaller 1812 has a 195hp Liebherr engine; it weighs 18.7t.

Agritechnica Claas Torion

Both machines have an infinitely-variable, power-split CMATIC transmission; it has a combination of hydrostatic and mechanical drives. A high level of mechanical drive is employed at lower speeds (up to 10kph) and, again, at maximum road speed.

These machines are available to order now.

Mid-range models

Below these sit three mid-range models; these are home to four-cylinder DPS (Deere Power Systems) engines - from John Deere.

These engines are similar to those fitted to Claas Arion 500 Series tractors. They meet Stage IV emissions standards and develop up to 167hp.

The so-called 1511, 1410 and 1177 models each have VARIPOWER transmissions - providing three drive modes (0-6kph; 0-16kph; and 0-40kph).

Like the two bigger models, these three loaders can be specified with parallel or Z-bar geometries.

A SMART LOADING driver-assistance system includes a programmable 'bucket return' function and defined lifting and lowering limits. A weighing system is also available; it is operated via a touch-screen.

On the largest 1914 and 1812 models, the 'bucket return' function and defined lifting and lowering limits come as standard. On the 1511 to 1177 models, they are available as an option. The weighing system is available as an option on all models.

Smaller loaders

The smaller Torion 639 and 535 models are fitted with Yanmar engines, developing up to 68hp (which meet Stage IIIB emissions standards).

Agritechnica Claas Torion

These machines have hydrostatic transmissions with two drive-modes: F1 from 0 to 6kph; and F2 from 0 to 20kph. The driver can switch from one to the other at the touch of a button. Loader geometry, on the two smaller machines, is only available in Z-linkage configuration.

Below are pictures showing models from the whole new range in action.

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Stay tuned to AgriLand for further, ongoing coverage from this year's giant Agritechnica show.

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It's worth noting that exhibitors at this event have come not just from Germany and surrounding European countries but from all over the globe.