A large commercial farm located in the south of the England has been placed on the market and valued at £25m (€29.3m), by selling agents Savills.

The Compton Estate has close to 2,000ac (809.ha) and is available to purchase as a whole or in lots.

The estate is located between the villages of East Isly and Compton, which is 100km away from the centre of London.

It consists of extensive modern farm buildings, 18 residential properties, offices and amenity property.

The Compton Estate is described as an attractive and substantial holding, set within the landscape of the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It is made up of predominantly arable farmland, with some blocks of mature woodland and pasture land also mixed in.

The first lot comprises of the largest amount of farmland and agricultural buildings, including a total of 889.57ac of farmland and a livestock shed capable of housing over 500 head of cattle. 

The farmland is made up of 400ac of arable land, 205ac of pasture land, 185ac of restricted land and 64ac of woodland. The first lot also includes two farmsteads, Mayfield Farm and Cheseridge Farm.

The Mayfield Farmstead was constructed in 2004 as a state of the art dairy unit. The principal four span livestock building has housing for 560 head of cattle across ten rows of cubicles with access to the collecting area and herringbone milking parlour.

There are also a range of offices and general welfare facilities with viewing areas over the cubicles and milking parlour.

The farmstead also includes a calf unit, workshop and general storage barns suitable for agricultural machinery.

Other buildings in Mayfield Farmyard include several older stock buildings to the north of the yard which are now used for storage, silage clamps and a redundant grain dryer facility.

Meanwhile, on Cheseridge Farmstead is advertised as being in a more secluded area and is surrounded by pasture land and woodland.

The farmyard includes former livestock buildings which are extensive but currently redundant. There are also two sheds with a total of 280 cubicle spaces.

The old milking parlour is located centrally in the farmyard with offices and timber storage space on the side bays.

Cheseridge farmstead also includes a number of other larger barns used for the storage of agricultural machinery.