Scottish engineering firm, Ritchie Agricultural, unveiled a new portable calving frame at the recent Royal Highland Show at the end of June.

Dubbed the 'Calving Cube', the solid steel frame weighs about 900kg and is designed to fit onto the headstock of a telehandler for quick and secure transport.

This secures suckler cows and allows them to be safely brought in from the field and returned later with their calves.

The set-up consists of a detachable calving gate, a yoke and fold-away pen and, according to its creators, can be placed over existing penning or feed barriers for the safe delivery of calves.

[caption id="attachment_179736" align="aligncenter" width="779"]Calving cube Image source: Ritchie Agricultural[/caption]

One of the key elements of the cube is that during transportation back to the field, the cow is kept with her calf, reducing the stress of the move for both animals, while being transported in a "simple and safe" manner.

The Calving Cube, according to Ritchie, can be assembled "in a few minutes" in any suitable location.

The integral calving gate can also be lifted out so that the main structure can be used for other jobs, such as transporting an ATV, feed, bales or hurdles, among other tasks.

In terms of key features - as described by the manufacturer - the frame is all hot-dipped galvanised; is easily attached to a front loader with brackets; and offers a design allowing for good udder access for suckling calves when the cow is secured.

[caption id="attachment_179737" align="aligncenter" width="870"]Calving cube Image source: Ritchie Agricultural[/caption]

In dimensions, the transport length of the cube is 1.5m, with a working length stretching out to 4.5m. The device is 2.9m wide and 2.1m high.

The frame is priced at £2,800 (€3,164) plus VAT, with more info available on the Ritchie website here.