French farmers are continuing to protest against the low prices they are receiving for their produce.

Today (September 3) over 1,000 French farmers have converged on Paris in their tractors to protest.

The Russian embargo, Chinese markets and competition between supermarkets are all contributing factors in pushing the farmer prices farmers get for their output down.

[yes-app] France protest 1 [/yes-app] Agnes Poirier, a French journalist, has tweeted that the French farmers are in town. She has also posted a video to her Twitter account of farmers in their tractors in Paris.  

Reuters has tweeted a great picture saying that French farmers drive their tractors on the A10 motorway outside Paris.

The image shows a convoy of tractors, complete with protest posters and flags, making their way to the French capital.

[yes-app] France protest 2 [/yes-app] Johann Tasker, chief reporter with Farmers Weekly, tweeted that cattle have been brought to the protest. Takser posted a video with a cow in Paris.  

Marc Jalabert, the Consumer General Manager at Microsoft France, has tweeted that he has an office with a view after tractors drove past his office.


France protest 3


The French minister for agriculture, Stephane Le Foll said that 23,000 French farmers face bankruptcy and his government then introduced a €600m aid package.

Earlier this year protesting farmers sent live pigs running around supermarkets; dumped slurry outside supermarket doors and set pyres of tyres on fire.