Ploeger Oxbo has announced that it has been “strengthened” by an investment from NPM Capital.

A spokesperson explained: “NPM Capital is the strong financial partner that we, as a manufacturer of speciality agricultural equipment, have been looking to support our long-term growth strategy.

“This strategy is aimed at bolstering innovation and product development to further strengthen Ploeger Oxbo’s leading position in its worldwide niche markets.

“The transaction file has also been submitted to the required competition authorities.”

Ploeger Oxbo’s (individual) roots go back to the 1950s. The group was formed in 2011 as a result of a merger between Netherlands-based Ploeger and US-based Oxbo.


Over several decades, both companies claim to have “expanded as a result of autonomous growth and acquisitions”. Ploeger Oxbo now claims to operate in 40 countries.

The group is known for manufacturing harvesters for corn, beans, peas, potatoes, berries, coffee, olives and grapes.

It’s also noteworthy as the manufacturer of specialist sprayers, fertiliser applicators and trailed/self-propelled windrow (swath) mergers (one of which is featured in the video below).

Commenting on the NPM Capital deal, Gary Stich and Niels Havermans, both board members at Ploeger Oxbo, said: “This company has a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

“The fact that the founders of the group in 2011 – both private as well as three Dutch investment companies – will participate in the future shows a great level of confidence in the markets we are in.

“Together we have decided to sell 40% of our holdings to a powerful financial partner, who shares our values and focus on long-term development and can support add-on acquisitions.”

Headquartered in Roosendaal (Netherlands), the company has 700 employees around the world. Annual turnover is over €200 million.

Its individual brands are Ploeger, Oxbo, PMC and Bourgoin.