Police in the West Midlands are appealing for anyone who might recognise three men following an alleged assault on a farm worker and hare coursing offences that occurred on February 19.

Warwiskshire Rural Crime Team shared a photo of three men (pictured below) they are seeking on social media this week (March 9).

“Do you recognise these three suspects?” they asked in a post.

“A farm worker was allegedly assaulted by the males shortly after locating the three illegally hunting hares on land near Henley in Arden.”

Furthermore, the crime team added that if you “recognise youself in one of the pictures, please feel free to contact us as well”.

“It’s probably easier than us knocking on your door (with a big red key) at 4:00a.m for a chat one morning soon.”

If you recognise – or are- one of the men pictured, Warwickshire Rural Crime Team can be contacted by calling: 101, and quoting 23/8107/22, or directly by phone: 01 926 415478, or by email: [email protected].

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