Farmers and contractors spend a lot of time in the cab of a tractor during the year, especially during the silage or cereal harvesting season.

In many contractors' yards, drivers can be designated to a certain tractor - to encourage them to take care and be proud of their machine. While, for many farmers, their tractor is their pride and joy.

Thanks to advancements in technology and machinery, newer tractors have become more comfortable to drive and now come with all the mod-cons. Even the higher-spec, older models will have some luxury extras.

But for a person who truly loves the rush of driving a tractor, once the essentials are in order, they will be happy.

Drivers of newer machines will take a comfortable seat, a radio, working air conditioning or even just a set of mirrors for granted.

Here at AgriLand we would like to know what you can't live without on your tractor when you are busy hauling grain, grass or slurry.

Are you the kind of person that loves belting out your favourite tunes? Some drivers are spoiled with AUX cables and Bluetooth to connect their phones or iPods; but even just a simple radio can make the day go faster.

However, nothing is worse than a dodgy aerial - which leaves you listening to more static than music.

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Or maybe you're just a creature of comfort who would take a comfy chair with suspension over a radio any day.

During the recent spell of fine weather, when contractors were out in force all around the country, most tractor drivers would have been thankful for air conditioning. Jealousy would have been boiling over among the unfortunate people who were forced to suffer on without that luxury.

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When it comes down to it, the basics can make all the difference. Something as useful as mirrors or a back window can be forgotten about, when complaining about the lack of a radio or no air conditioning.