Pottinger released its Harvest Assist app in March of last year with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the harvest operation through better utilisation of the machinery, especially the transport portion.

Over the last year, it has been developing the software. For the 2024 season, three new features have been added to further increase its utility and flexibility.

Pottinger baler and tractor
The number of bales produced in each field can now be recorded

The first advancement is that a baler operator can now enter the number of bales deposited in each field.

The drivers of the loaders and bale collection vehicles can then see at a glance how many bales need to be fetched.

If there are several bale collection teams, each driver will know which fields they still need to visit in real-time, and how many bales have already been removed.

Counting bales

The number of bales also provides an indication of the harvesting performance. This enables you to keep track of the grass and whole crop harvest at any time.

In addition to providing navigation to the field, the navigation function will now also show the route back to the clamp.

New clamps can be added and navigated to directly using Google Maps. This latest feature in the Harvest Assist app will avoid detours and means that new destinations no longer need to be sent separately.

Pottinger rake
Effective decision making is aided with all machines and operations now being included on the app

The final new feature is an ‘Other machines category’. With this, it is now possible to add bale collection machinery and forage harvesters to fleet being monitored.

This gives every driver in the harvest fleet a better overview of where each machine is deployed and opens up the app to silage operations based around a self-propelled forage harvester, a machine which lies outside Pottinger’s product range.

Navigating, planning, and a clear overview of every machine in the fleet, regardless of make, are now all provided for by the updates Pottinger has made to the app.