Bought in suckled calves are extremely prone to respiratory problems at this time of the year, brought on by the stress of weaning and moving to new homes. This is accentuated if the stock are housed directly, or soon after, purchase.

The change to much wetter weather over the past week or so has resulted in a lot of cattle being housed. These wet, mild conditions are not the best scenario for housing cattle and especially weanlings. When a shed is filled with cattle in the mild, moist atmosphere that we often get at this time of the year these conditions favour the spread of respiratory diseases.

High-quality suckled calves represent a significant investment on the part of any farmer, so everything must be done to ensure that they continue to thrive. Respiratory problems will lead to a significant fall off in daily growth rates and, if not dealt with promptly can lead to the development of pneumonia and permanent lung damage. Under these circumstances, affected animals will never reach their full potential in terms of achieving the required levels of on-farm performance.

When it comes to dealing with the challenge of respiratory problems, prevention is obviously better than cure. And in this context the option of offering stock Easy Breather feed buckets from Crystalyx should be considered.

David Morgan, from Crystalyx manufacturer Caltech, takes up the story:

“The Easy Breather feed tubs represent a natural aid to maintaining a healthy respiratory system and a strong immune system.

“Respiratory problems in cattle are, unfortunately, all too common. They arise most frequently in autumn and winter, especially in housed calves, but can arise at any time, especially in animals under stress.

“But the good news is that Easy Breather tubs help maintain a healthy respiratory system by minimising respiratory irritation and providing a soothing and calming effect on the calf to minimise stress and help support and maintain a strong immune system.”