The Veterinary Medicines Directorate has today (Thursday, December 9) issued a class one product recall notice to veterinary level of Nerfasin 20mg/ml Solution used for injection for cattle, as well as horses, dogs and cats.

The product’s primary use is for sedation, and premedication in combination with an anaesthetic.

The reason for the recall, it notes, is that particulate matter was found in retain samples of the following bathces:

  • 19A242;
  • 198191;
  • 19F221;
  • 19J038;
  • 19J214.

Wholesale dealers and veterinary surgeons are being contacted to examine inventory immediately and quarantine products subject to this recall.

BVA champions Equality, Diversity and Inclusion officers

In other veterinary news, the British Veterinary Assocation (BVA) is calling on veterinary teams to appoint an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) ‘Champion’ to encourage open conversations about diversity and keep such issues high on the agenda in workplaces.

To aid with the training of these EDI Champions, the BVA has developed a template role description that can be adapted to suit individual workplaces.

Key suggested responsibilities for Champions include: Raising awareness of the importance of diversity and the impact of discrimination across teams, reviewing workplace policies and culture documents and organising events that discuss and celebrate diversity.

Malcolm Morley, BVA junior vice president, said: “Our Good Veterinary Workplaces activity has really highlighted the importance of encouraging open and honest conversations about equality, diversity and inclusion, hearing all views and empowering everyone to challenge poor practice or suggest improvements where needed.

Having an EDI Champion in your workplace is a great way to get colleagues talking about these important issues in the knowledge that their views are being heard and acted on.

“We recognise given the breadth of the veterinary sector that workplaces may want to tailor the Champion role description to their specific needs and ways of operating, but we hope that our template provides a useful starting point for getting Champions primed and ready for the important tasks in hand.

“We hope to see new EDI Champions springing up across the veterinary community in the months to come.”