Boehringer Ingelheim has confirmed to Agriland that it has ceased the production of the flukicide Trodax. The flukicide, which will have been used on many farms across the country, was used to treat cattle and sheep for mature and immature fluke, as well as treating against certain roundworm infestations. In a brief statement to Agriland, Sioned Timothy of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health UK said: "As you may be aware, we have experienced difficulties in maintaining a consistent supply of Trodax during recent years due to ongoing manufacturing issues. "The decision to cease production has not been taken lightly. It comes at the end of a long and thorough review of the manufacturing process focussed on reducing the risk of quality issues in the finished product. "Unfortunately, it has not been possible to resolve these issues and we appreciate that this will have an impact on many livestock farmers."

Liver fluke incidents in beef cattle down in 2021

The percentage of liver fluke incidents in beef cattle at slaughter has witnessed a reduction in cases this year when compared to the same period in the last few years. The low levels of live liver fluke are an indicator that the majority of farmers are treating appropriately at housing, according to Animal Health Ireland. It was reported that animals younger than 30 months-of-age tended to have lower levels of live liver fluke (1.1%) compared to older animals (2.4%), as well as lower levels of fluke damage (4.3%) compared to older animals (16%). For more on this story, click here.