Scottish agricultural charity, RSABI, is reminding people of the importance of checking in on each other, at this busy time of the year on farming communities.

RSABI is encouraging people to try find time, even during lambing, calving and sowing, to look out for each other, through its #KeepTalking campaign.

Working with the Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs (SAYFC), the charity is publishing social media posts highlighting the vital #KeepTalking message, along with SAYFC’s powerful AreEweOk? message.

Chief executive of SAYFC, Penny Mongomerie said that with farms being busy for the moment, that fewer events might be taking place which can lead to farmers losing contact with people.

She said that finding time for a small gesture of support can really make a big difference.

This is aimed at everyone involved in farming, which features RSABI Trustee, Carole Brunton, RSABI Health Hut nurse, Irene Scott, and SAYFC Vice-chair, Ally Brunton, with lambing shed artwork.

The social media posts have reached over 150,000 on Facebook just over the past few days.

RSABI’s ongoing initiative aims to encourage those living within agricultural communities to reach out and reconnect with loved ones, neighbours and relatives if feeling isolated or lonely.

Chief executive of RSABI, Carol McLaren said:

“It’s important at this time of year, when everyone is starting to be busy with spring work and weather conditions are often against us, for the farming community to stay connected and look out for anyone who may be struggling.

“We know there are some really tough days and that some people can find life difficult. Things can be difficult and it is very easy to start to be overwhelmed when you are working flat out and not getting enough sleep.”

McLaren added that when things are bottled up, people often lose perspective and can blame themselves, therefore it is very important to find the time to talk with other people.

RSABI offers free practical, financial, and emotional support including counselling services, delivered quickly after receiving the initial enquiry.

Its confidential support service is available 24-hours a day by calling 0808 1234 555, or use the confidential webchat service available on RSABI’s website.