The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is seeking to find homes for multiple farm animals it currently has in its care.

The charity has said it has seen a rise in the number of farm animals coming into its care in recent months. There are currently 26 farm animals in RSPCA care and a further 76 in partner boarding facilities.

“We know that some people assume we just rehome cats and dogs but that is far from the case,” said head of farm animals at RSPCA, Dr. Marc Cooper.

“We actually have lots of farm animals that are rescued by our inspectors that end up coming into the care of our fantastic animal centres with facilities to care for them, and are now looking for homes.

“Whether you’d like some hens in your garden or have space for a huge pot-bellied pig, we are urging those looking to bring a farm animal into their lives to consider rehoming from the RSPCA.”

Farm animals looking for homes

Specifically, right now, the RSPCA is urging those who can provide a home for a pig, goat, chicken or cockerel to consider adopting.

Below are some of the animals the charity has highlighted.


Seven-year-old Peppa Pig and her mother Penelope, two friendly pigs, are two of these animals.

Penelope is a unique pig; she only has one ear due to being picked on in her previous home.

They currently reside at RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

In contrast there’s Crumpet, a pot-bellied pig, who is in the need of a home where she can go alone.

She needs a retirement home, the RSPCA said, adding that she is a little overweight and the staff are monitoring her hind legs for stiffness as well as putting her on a diet to shift some pounds.

There’s also Phil, a young Old Spot pig with a “lovely nature” according to the charity. Until recently, Phil and Crumpet lived together, but had to be separated due to fighting.

He is currently being treated for dry skin and a superficial wound on his ear but is otherwise in good health.


Looking for a home together are, the RSPCA has said, “the sweetest pair of Boer goats”, Gary and Gertie. Gary is playful and Gertie is a very gentle goat, the charity said, adding that they are a “loved-up couple”.

To keep goats, it added, a premises need to be registered and in possession of a county parish holding (CPH) holding number – the centre, in this couple’s case Southridge Animal Centre, can provide more information.

The loved-up couple


There are multiple birds in need of new homes.

There’s Paul and Barry Cluckle, who came into the care of the RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre after they were abandoned in Kent.

They can be rehomed separately or together. They can also be a little shy and are initially wary of people – but with time they soon come around, the charity added.

Paul and Barry

There’s also Arlo, Wyatt and Martin, three cockerels looking for a flock of similar-sized ladies.

All three of the above crow.

There are many other birds, male and female, with the RSPCA and in need of new ‘forever’ homes.