Ruminant nutrition company Rumenco Ltd. has today (Thursday, September 21) announced its acquisition of Owens Nutrition Ltd. following the retirement of its director.

Rumenco said the acquisition of Owens Nutrition is aligned with the retirement of its director Andrew Owens.

A family business, Owens Nutrition has run for over 25 years manufacturing, supplying and servicing molassed buckets as well as distributing calf and lamb milk powders.

Chair of Rumenco, Dr. Frank Heap, said Andrew Owens will remain in the company to oversee the transition into next year.

“Owens Nutrition is complementary to Rumenco and will allow us to extend our work in providing livestock producers with innovative products, strongly supported by research and a technical team, for multiple areas of livestock production,” Heap said.

Rumenco said the “highly regarded” molassed buckets and milk powders will remain unchanged and that Clwyd Davies and Simon Leversha will continue to market them as they have successfully done over the years.

Owens Nutrition offers a selection of molassed mineral/protein/horse buckets, bagged minerals and protein concentrates.

It said its products are manufactured and packed to meet customer’s requirements, including its own branding and labelling.


Rumenco has been specialising in beef, dairy and sheep nutrition for over 70 years and manufactures products in these areas.

The company said its products aim to help livestock farmers maximise animal performance from homegrown feeds and forage throughout the year.

It specialises in feed blocks, molassed feed, mineral and low moisture buckets, together with a range of minerals and liquid feeds.