Rural crime affects farmers ‘financially and emotionally’ – NFU Cymru

NFU Cymru has welcomed the announcement that the Welsh government will appoint an all-Wales rural and wildlife crime coordinator to help tackle the rise in rural crime in Wales.

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NFU Cymru rural affairs board chairman, Hedd Pugh said: “Rural crime, whether it’s attacks on our livestock, thefts of machinery or livestock, or fraud, is something that has been causing increasing concern for farmers across the country.

We are therefore pleased to see the minister is taking this matter seriously by appointing an all-Wales rural and wildlife crime coordinator.

“As well as affecting farmers financially, rural crime also has an emotional impact.

“It is the loss of stock, the feeling of being watched by these criminals, and the feeling of unease in your own home; it is something that is happening far too often in our rural communities and something needs to be done about it.

NFU Cymru is already working closely with police forces across Wales on a number of excellent initiatives to tackle rural crime and I would like to thank the representatives from the four forces for their continued support.

“We look forward to seeing more details on this new role over the coming weeks and working with the new coordinator as well as the rural crime teams across Wales on a comprehensive programme of measures in order to combat rural crime,” he concluded.