Farmers and crofters are saying ‘thank you’ to consumers across the nation for continuing to choose Scottish food and drink.

The video from NFU Scotland highlights Scotland’s diverse agricultural industry, shows farmers speaking passionately about the far-reaching benefits of consumers choosing to buy Scottish products.

These include the positive environmental impact, the benefits to Scotland’s blossoming agri-food and tourism sectors and the vital role farming and food play in supporting rural communities and the economy.

Saturday (May 23) was meant to be the ‘Day of Celebration’ for Scotland’s farmers and crofters, with regional and local events originally planned by NFU Scotland across the country to meet with consumers and to celebrate Scotland’s incredible larder.

Due to Covid-19, it was no longer possible to host these events, however, the union decided it would like to still mark the day with a video and to get farmers and crofters from different regions and sectors involved.

Starring Kate Rowell (QMS chairman), Sally Williams, Jock Gibson, Anna Lamotte, Ian Dickson, Euan Walker Munro, John Scott, Murray McConachie and Andrew McCornick (NFU Scotland president), the video aims to not only highlight the benefits of choosing Scottish produce but also to thank consumers already doing so.

Covid-19 has forced many people to think about where their food and drink comes from and there is a growing number who are prioritising the need for it to be Scottish.

NFU Scotland president Andrew McCornick said: “It is disappointing that we have had to cancel the ‘Day of Celebration’, but we have so much to celebrate in all that we produce that I believe it was important that we still got this message out and we, as farmers and crofters, have the opportunity to thank the consumer during these worrying times.

“Throughout Covid-19, our pledge has been to keep the plates and glasses of Scotland full and I am proud of the way our industry has supported the nation and the way the nation has supported us.

“Choosing to buy Scottish produce in the stores, supermarkets, farmers’ markets or farm shops is important to so many families, communities and industries.

It is important that those buying the products know just how important and valued their trust in Scottish farming is.

“We have a fantastic story to tell and it is disappointing that we couldn’t tell it face to face this year, but I am glad we have been able to come together and produce this video.”