The Scottish government has said the Agriculture and Rural Communities (Scotland) Bill will “allow for a framework of payments that is responsive to the sector’s needs”.

The bill is set to become law, after backing from Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs).

It aims to help farmers and crofters produce more food more sustainably and support their role in climate mitigation and nature restoration.

The government said the legislation will also drive support for rural communities, the economy, and for land management and the environment.

Rural affairs secretary Mairi Gougeon said: “Agriculture is vital to our economy. Our Vision for Agriculture sets out how the government will support farming and food production in Scotland to become a global leader in sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

Agriculture bill

Gougeon said the bill provides a future framework that will help deliver this vision.

It will do so by supporting farmers and crofters to meet the country’s immediate and long-term food needs sustainably and to adapt to new opportunities and challenges, she said.

“It will enable the delivery of support schemes that will ensure that agriculture continues to play its part in cutting emissions, mitigating climate change, enhancing nature and biodiversity, together with food production.

“Our food and farming sectors have a critical role to play in a sustainable, resilient food system.

“As we transition to a new framework of support, we will do this in a way that is just, that ensures no cliff edges in support and by taking our agricultural industry and rural communities with us.”