Many farmers look to the round baler to provide self sufficiency and flexibility in silage production, yet a smaller forage wagon may answer both these needs and not demand too big a tractor to pull it.

While Pottinger has made much of its latest Jumbo range, further down the line it has revamped the smaller machines, which may be powered by tractors of between 60hp and 110hp.

Wagon size to suit

The company has just launched the Boss 3000 series featuring the already tried and tested Supermatic tine conveyor unit.

This move will see the Euroboss Forage wagon series being replaced in its entirety during 2023.

Pottinger wagon supermatic
The new wagons are available with a 6.5t single axle, or twin axles

The updated range is now available in three sizes with load capacities of 18.7m³, 21.3m³ and 23.5m³, and in both high profile and low profile (LP) versions.

The tine conveyor system is borrowed from the Euroboss machines and is claimed to provide good forage conservation combined with a low power requirement.

Coping with heavier crops

The loading system may be ordered with three or four banks of loading tines which convey the grass from the pick-up reel and into the knives, the latter option making it suitable for heavier crops.

As standard, the Boss 3000 loader wagons are driven at 540rpm with 1,000rpm available as an option. They may be operated by tractors as small as 60hp and up to 110hp.

Pottinger tine knives
The optional four banks of feed tines gives a more even flow

There is a choice of how many knives may be fitted, six, 16 or 31, or the base version may be selected which has no knives at all. The knife bank can be folded out hydraulically for easy access.

The loader wagon can be equipped with three different types of control system, from simple pre-selects operated by the tractor spool valve, to entry-level automation with hydraulics for the scraper floor, and load-sensing hydraulics operated directly from the control terminal.

ISOBUS compatibility comes as standard, but if the tractor does not have it, a wide variety of stand alone control terminals are available.