Siloking has recognised that one of the issues with the ever increasing size of trailed mixers, is that ever larger tractors are required to operate them, and these tend to be expensive.

The issue with mixers is not so much the overall power demand, but the initial torque required to start the augers or paddles moving within the feed.

This issue requires an engine with high torque at low speeds, and the answer is usually a large engine with a tough drive chain, as found in higher horsepower tractors.

The company is now exploring an alternative approach and that is to modify the auger gearing arrangement to reduce the amount of torque required from the tractor on start up.

Easy starting with Siloking

To this end, it is now offering high its capacity TrailedLine mixers, which are of either of twin or triple auger design, with Variospeed – a stepless gearbox that is said to require less horsepower to drive and need a lower start-up torque to engage.

Kverneland-owned Siloking, claims that this development allows larger capacity mixers to be operated without having to resort to tractors that are larger than actually required to mix the feed.

Siloking mixers
The larger twin and triple tub mixers will benefit from the new Variospeed option

In addition to having a lower torque demand on starting, there are three pre-defined auger speeds to suit cutting, mixing and emptying, with push-button control available, along with remote activation from the loader tractor or telehandler being used for loading.

The benefits of Variospeed can include reduced fuel consumption, easier speed changes for enhanced mixing efficiency, plus lower driveline vibration.

Self propelled Siloking
Siloking had an HVO ready mixer on display at last year’s Agritechnica

Siloking is the latest company to approve the use of hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel for its machinery, in this case its the Volvo powered self-propelled feeder wagons.

Compared to mineral oil derived diesel, HVO has been proven to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%, and can be used as a direct replacement for standard diesel fuel.

Battery power

A second generation of electrically driven Siloking eTruck models has been launched, which now include capacities from 12-20 cubic metres, and unlike its predecessors, the latest models have been designed from the outset around a robust, high-tech 20 cube model.

This revision to the design concept is said to make it easier to produce smaller eTruck models, using the same engineering featured in the top end 20-cube machine, rather than upscaling a 12-cube model into larger capacity versions.

These latest eTruck are now powered by lithium-ion batteries, rather than the former lead-acid type.These provide a 96V output, enabling a quieter feeding operation with zero emissions at the point of use.

Siloking claims that the battery pack can deliver two to four mixings without recharging, and offer a projected battery life of 3,000-5,000 full charge cycles.