Simpler-spec versions of the two most powerful models in McCormick's X7 Series have been introduced, joining the 'Efficient' versions of other models in the line-up that were added to the range last year.

"These additional Efficient models are being introduced at the request of operators wanting a high-performance, high-power tractor with a reasonable amount of automation, but without the 'bells and whistles' features of the top-spec Premium models," said Ray Spinks, Sales Director and General Manager at AgriArgo UK - the McCormick distributor for Ireland.

The Efficient specification was introduced last year on 143-166hp 4-cylinder models in the McCormick X7 Series and on a pair of 6-cylinder tractors – the 160hp X7.650, which itself was a new addition to the range, and the 165/175hp X7.660.

Now, it is also available on the X7.670, which has 177hp for draft work boosting to 192hp for PTO duties and towing trailers, tankers and spreaders, and on the X7.680 with 188hp rising to 212hp.

Standard specification for the new models includes three mechanical spool valves, plus one electric valve; 123L/min load-sensing hydraulics plus a 44L/min pump dedicated to steering and ancillaries; a 24F 24R Pro Drive transmission; 4-speed PTO with 'economy' as well as 'power' gearing; and a 9.3t rear lift capacity.

Inside the 'Premiere' cab, which has manual instead of climate control air conditioning, there is a swivelling, air-suspension driver's seat and a 'hide away' passenger seat. Outside, 10 work-lights illuminate the tractor's surroundings.

Console-mounted controls

In place of the seat-mounted armrest console, found on full-spec Premium versions, is a "neat layout" of main controls to the driver’s right. On either side of the dials used for setting up and adjusting the electronic rear hitch are levers for the mechanical spool valves, PTO speed selection and the optional creeper gearbox, which takes the total complement of ratios to 40 forward and reverse.


Ahead of them is the multi-function joystick, which carries a roller switch for linkage lift/lower and buttons for the engine speed memory and manual or auto road/field transmission shifting.

Another two buttons regulate the single electric spool valve fitted; the optional mid-mounted electric valves for operating a 3.5t front linkage or a McCormick MPower loader are handled by a small, integrated joystick.

6.7-litre BetaPower engine

Although the X7.670 and X7.680 use the same 6.7L BetaPower engine and cast chassis as other 6-cylinder models in the range, these are bigger, beefier tractors.

They have a longer wheelbase (2.82m versus 2.75m), more weight (3.06t versus 2.92t before ballast) and the ability to run on taller tyres (42in versus 38in).

They have the same semi-powershift transmission as their Premium counterparts, with its adjustable power-shuttle, four-speed powershift and electronic manual or auto range shifting.

"The transmission is constantly highlighted by operators as an attractive feature of the McCormick X7 tractors, because of its progressive gearing, silky smooth powershifts and effective road and field auto functions," said Spinks.

A 50kph option, packaged with hydraulic cab and multi-link front axle suspension, can be added to the final specification - together with air trailer braking.

First in-house ‘stepless’ transmission from McCormick

In other news, McCormick recently launched its new X6 VT-Drive tractor range, which features the first stepless (CVT) transmission developed in-house by Argo Tractors - the parent company that owns both McCormick and Landini.

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The McCormick X6 VT-Drive range comprises three models with maximum power outputs for draft work of 111hp, 121hp and 130hp. Power is boosted up to 140hp for PTO and transport applications.