The FTMTA (Farm Tractor and Machinery Trade Association) Grass & Muck event takes place this month – on Thursday, May 17 – at Gurteen College (close to the Tipperary/Offaly border).

The association says that it will be the “flagship event” for Ireland’s farm machinery trade during 2018, describing it as “the largest farm machinery event taking place in the country this year”.

The FTMTA has now released a site map, showing the locations of the various demonstration plots and exhibition areas.

Below is a JPEG image (of the map); simply click on the image to open up a larger version.

Grass & Muck 2018 site map

Alternatively, if you have a suitable viewer (application) on your PC, tablet or smart-phone, we also have a PDF version. Click on this link or on the button below to open it (in which you will be able to decipher all of the finer details).

Grass & Muck 2018 site map – PDF version

Given that the event is still a couple of weeks away, it is possible that there may be some minor amendments over time; stay tuned to AgriLand for updates.

FTMTA Grass & Muck

Image source: Shane Casey

The event comprises demonstration areas – dedicated to silage (pit/baled), muck, slurry and reseeding equipment) and static trade stands. There will be a varied range of equipment present – either working or just on display.

FTMTA Grass & MUck

Image source: Justin Roberts

Yesterday (May 3), we brought you a series of lists detailing the companies (manufacturers, distributors, etc) that will be there.

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For completeness, we’re re-publishing these exhibitor lists below (so you have all the information to hand – conveniently in one place).