Communication, we are told, is the key to every good relationship. Quicke has made that task a great deal easier with the update of the Q-Companion app for its loader range.

Launched in 2017 Q-Companion enables a full record of loader use to be created and kept by farmers and operators; a feature especially useful when mixing rations or loading produce onto lorries.

In its latest edition of Q-companion, Quicke has upgraded the app with more languages, better colour rendering and a Bluetooth connection.

This apparently enables the user to easily export the weighing results from the Q-companion display to the cloud service, and later access it on a computer or tablet.

With the help from Q-Companion’s new features, the user can monitor every loader position, angle and movement from the display that’s mounted inside the tractor cab.

They will know how much lift power remains and how much weight they have loaded, just from looking at the display.

In a further step towards increasing speed and efficiency, the user can now activate sound notification when using implement height or angle set-points. This causes the display monitor to 'beep' when the desired set-point is reached.

By using an audible signal, the user will hear when the bucket is level, or when the pallet fork is on the same height as the warehouse shelf, without the distraction of needing to look at the display.

Quicke claims that Q-Companion transforms the humble front-end loader to "a material management system that, based on input and loader work, lets the farmer more closely monitor the farm's performance".

This new smart digital system will also be able to tell the users that maintenance is required and when lubrication of the loader is due.