The Welsh government is set to establish a taskforce to offer “full support” to the 730 workers affected by the closure of 2 Sisters Food Group’s Llangefni poultry branch.

The food manufacturing company announced on Wednesday (January 25), that it will close its poultry plant in Anglesey, Wales, because a review found the factory to be “not sustainable”.

“Our products can be made more efficiently elsewhere across our estate,” it said.

“This is a clearly a worrying situation facing not just the workers, but the wider community,” said Vaughan Gething, Wales’ Economy Minister.

Gething said, after a meeting with the minister for rural affairs and north Wales, the chief executive of Anglesey County Council, the leader of Ynys Mon County Council and the 2 Sisters company, the decision to jointly establish a taskforce was made.

The taskforce, which will convene for the first time on Friday, February 3, aims to discuss a way forward for those impacted by the poultry plant’s closure.

“We are determined to do all we can and to pull all possible levers to offer support to people affected by these recent developments.

“I am determined to ensure that all parties work together in our efforts to deliver a sustainable future for the local economy,” Gething said.

He added that, in addition to the local authority, Welsh government, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Business Wales and trade union representatives, the taskforce will include other partners to help advise and inform employees.

“This is another example of where Brexit, inflation and the energy crisis are all having a detrimental effect on our economy, affecting real people in our communities,” he said.

“We will once again urge the UK government to act quickly to support Welsh businesses.

“In this regard I would stress that the taskforce will be exploring all options, including the potential to continue with plant operations and safeguard these jobs if possible.

“The exact membership and remit of the taskforce will be finalised very shortly. I shall provide a further update in due course.”