As part of its anniversary for 50 years, the Texel Sheep Society will raise funds for the Farm Safety Foundation, or better known as ‘Yellow Wellies’.

The Farm Safety Foundation encourages those in the farming community to think more carefully about both physical and mental health, as well as how they undertake tasks on the daily basis.

Society chief executive, John Yates said the charity aims to help everyone in the farming community tackle the challenges they face on a daily basis, with a strong focus on educating the younger generation.

Mr. Yates said that the Society is “delighted” to be able to support the Yellow Wellies as part of its anniversary year.

The chief executive added: “Both the Texel Sheep Society and Farm Safety Foundation have a major focus on people.

“The society works hard to enable members to come together at various events to share in each others’ successes, and support each other through the harder times,” explained Mr. Yates.

Yates said the Texel Sheep Society had issued nearly 10,000 flock memberships, many of which include entire families, providing a conduit for several generations of families to be involved with the breed and the society.

Farm Safety Foundation/Yellow Wellies Source: Texel Sheep Society

The society stated that it has been “pleased” to provide members with opportunities to come together at events, make memories and share experiences, which helps “lessen the load”.

The Farm Safety Foundation has stated it is focused on preparing the next generation of farmers to be responsible, confident and safe farmers of the future with a clear ambition to find a way to prevent farm accidents and death.

Foundation manager, Stephanie Berkeley said the organisation was pleased to be able to work with the Texel Sheep Society on its anniversary of 50 years, with 2024 also marking the 10 years of the Farm Safety Foundation.

“It is wonderful to be working with the society this year and help raise awareness of the need for farmers to take care of themselves, both physically and mentally,” she said.

The Texel Sheep Society will be donating all the entry fees from its Textravaganza National Show to the anniversary fund, with a number of other activities planned for the year to give members the chance to help raise funds.