The Pottinger plough – particularly the Servo 45 S is an all-rounder built for the toughest jobs and applications.

According to Pottinger, its Servo 45 S plough is strong, reliable, robust and is designed to be operated on tractors up to 350 horsepower.

This reliability and power is generated through the unique design, which includes an inter-body spacing of 95cm, an under beam clearance of 80cm and a long, full-length main plough beam bearing.

The use of high tensile materials, it says, allows for higher driving speeds and a longer service life and as standard all of the six-furrow versions are fitted with double bearings fitted on the mounting axle.

Along with the double bearings on the mounting axle, the Servo 45 S plough is equipped with the Servomatic control system.

This system allows for easy and quick pairing of the plough to the tractor.

This feature also enables a perfect setup to ensure the low draft of the Servo plough in all conditions, while the leading body furrow and the pulling point can be adjusted individually without affecting each other.

The Pottinger Servo 45 S plough in action

The Pottinger Servo 45 S plough in action

According to the manufacturer, this is a great advantage, especially with hydraulic furrow width adjustment, since no correction is required, just a few adjustments are needed and then the initial settings are finished.

Operators can also choose from a large selection of different mould boards, it says, from short turning, long drawn-out, or slatted mould boards.

Pottinger also says that the Servo 45 S plough is also fitted with the Traction expansion module, which makes it possible to transfer weight from the plough to the tractor.

A transmitting force through the Traction system optimises the ground tracking of the plough at the same time as applying a permanent load to the rear wheels of the tractor.

This reduces wheel slip and prevents harmful smearing of the soil surface caused by the rear wheels.