Time-running out to use treated seeds

Time is running out to use up the last remaining stocks of seeds treated with a banned fungicide Thiram.

The ban encompasses all plant protection products containing thiram – the implications also include seed treated with these products.

Thiram is used as a fungicide to prevent crop damage in the field and to prevent crops from deterioration in storage or transport.

The Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1500 concerns the non-renewal of approval for the active substance thiram and also prohibits the use and sale of seeds treated with plant protection products containing thiram.

In practice, this means that the UK-authorised plant protection products containing this active substance have been withdrawn with a phased-withdrawal period of January 30, 2019, for sale and distribution and January 30, 2020, for disposal, storage and use.

Products affected include:

  • Agrichem Flowable Thiram (MAPP 17887);
  • Thiraflo (MAPP 17888);
  • Thiraflo (MAPP 17944);
  • Thyram Plus (MAPP 17890);
  • Anchor (MAPP 16488);
  • Anchor (MAPP 08684).

Authorisation holders, distributors and users of these products should also note that, in line with the above Commission Implementing Regulation, seed treated with any of these products must also not be placed on the market or used after January 30, 2020.

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