Buying the perfect Christmas gift for farmers can often be a tricky business; something we at AgriLand know all too well.

If you (like some AgriLand staff) are leaving it a little bit late to pick out the perfect present for Christmas, worry not - here's a quick-fire top 12 last-minute gift ideas to ensure a happy outcome on Christmas morning.

1. Wellies

Whether good old-fashioned, tried-and-tested Dunlops, comfortable snug Bekina or fancypants Hunter boots, a decent pair of wellington boots are an absolute essential on your typical farm.

[caption id="attachment_88985" align="aligncenter" width="634"] Image source: Dunlop[/caption]

2. Rain gear

It's Ireland - you're guaranteed to get good use out of them!

3. AgriLand-branded clothing

Have them swaggering in style with the ever-fashionable AgriLand brand. This is guaranteed to put farmers in a festive fever and merry mood...

4. Powerful torch

The dark evenings are here to stay for the next few months anyway so a decent torch is always handy and a practical gift idea.

5. Herdwatch app

Maybe streamlining the office side of farming might be an ideal Christmas gift for your farmer. Sorting them out with the Herdwatch app to register calves, record remedy and feed purchases, and submit weights under schemes could be the festive "miracle" they'd been hoping for...


6. Britain's model tractors

Here's one for the up-and-coming future farmers anxiously waiting for what's under the Christmas tree. Also, you mightn't be able to afford the real deal - but a scale model of a flashy Fendt is the next best thing!

7. Marty Mone albums

Albums such as Hit the Diff and Steer the Rear could go one of two ways; they'll either love it and you'll be the best thing since sliced bread - or they won't be best pleased for getting 'Hit the Diff' stuck in their head...again.

8. New smartphone case

The old case has been on its last legs for the past few months and farmers need to keep their expensive smartphones safe when out on the farm, so a decent cover like Otterbox should do the job.

It's hard to keep up-to-date on AgriLand with a cracked phone screen!

9. Farming fashion

One more so for the ladies; fashionable farmwear has been on the up in recent times.

The likes of Pretty Bird, an outdoor women’s workwear enterprise, specialises in kitting out farmers in some slick overalls and floral fleeces for a more feminine feel.

10. Calving aids

Does your farm need an upgrade in calving cameras? Alternatively, could the farmer you have in mind do with a Moocall calving sensor?

Getting one of these will be appreciated by the farmer in your life - particularly during calving season!

CCTV, slaughterhouses security

11. Tissue sample wristband

On the other end of the scale, if you're counting the pennies and cutting costs this Christmas, maybe this tissue sample wristband from Cormac Tagging might be a quick win.

Cheap and cheerful, the wristband can hold up to 12 tissue sample tubes to make things more convenient when tagging calves without worrying about losing the samples when spring rolls round.

12. Offer to help out more

If you're really broke this could be the saving grace - offer to look after the sheep or milk the cows for the Christmas holidays.

You don't have to spend a penny and your farming family member can put his/her feet up while you push up silage for the cattle on Christmas day.

Sometimes getting a good rest is the best gift of all!