Farmers using precision technology can enjoy higher accuracy, reduced fuel consumption and less overlap following a collaboration between Müller-Elektronik and Trimble Agriculture.

Bringing the two technology giants together means farmers can benefit from a more efficient use of machine guidance, explained Lee Clarke, sales representative at Trimble Agriculture.

The Müller-Elektronik TRACK-Guide III, TOUCH800 and TOUCH1200 displays are now fully compatible with the Trimble NAV-900 track guide controller.

This means that customers now have access to Trimble NAV-900 GNSS receiver and the associated Trimble steering systems with these Müller electronics displays, offering superior guidance performance.

“Farmers can also use the Trimble correction signals, which provide even higher accuracy, to control the steering systems,” said Clarke.

In practice, the combination of Trimble and Müller solutions allows for more efficient work with higher accuracy, less overlap and less fuel consumption.

Müller was a key contributor to developing the ISOBUS communication protocol, and its displays comply with ISOBUS standard 11783. This means they can be used on any brand of tractor and harvester that also meet this standard.

Product compatibility

“Due to the compatibility with the NAV-900 lane guidance controller, all Trimble correction services from the basic RangePoint RTX up to the high-precision RTK are also available for the three Müller-Elektronik displays,” added Clarke.

The GNSS receiver works with GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou satellites, which allows it to determine an accurate position even in difficult circumstances. XFill technology also allows users to work for up to 20 minutes without a correction signal.

The NAV-900 is Trimble’s most advanced GNSS receiver, designed to meet the highest operational time requirements and a wide range of accuracy options from basic to high precision.

It can be mounted on the roof of most tractors and other agricultural vehicles to enable positioning, lane guidance and automatic steering.

Trimble steering systems use the latest slope equalisation technologies to calculate the actual position of the vehicle, ensuring high accuracy even in hilly or uneven terrain, explained Clarke.

Due to the new compatibility, these steering systems can now also be controlled by the Müller-Elektronik displays.

“Partnering with Müller-Elektronik allows us to broaden our offering to customers, as well as the benefits which come with further integration.”

Trimble and Müller-Elektronik precision technology is available through all Trimble resellers in the UK and Ireland.