Trioliet, the Dutch manufacturer of feeder wagons has just added three new models to its Solomix 2 feed mixer range.

These machines are the 2200, the 2600 and the 2800 with the name indicating the capacity in cubic metres, being 22m³, 26m³ and 28m³ respectively.

The main feature of these new models is their minimal overall length which enables their use around tight yards and buildings.

This is achieved by having a short distance between the towing eye and and the front chassis while also being low in overall height.

Confined spaces

The reduced height enables it to be operated in low buildings and makes it easier and quicker to load as the materials do not need to be lifted to the height of other mixers of similar capacity.

All three of the new models are twin auger and are available with side discharge doors at the front or rear, or a front or rear discharge unit with a cross conveyor belt or cross conveyor chain.

Models with side discharge are equipped as standard with two discharge doors – at the front left and front right – for optimum visibility during the discharge process.

The discharge doors are considered to be robust with two opening rams located on the side of the vehicle instead of in the curvature, which, Trioliet claims, guarantees even discharge.

Shifttronic option from Trioliet

Running gear and suspension comes as a single axle or there is the option of a tandem pendulum axle.

The new Solomix 2 models are available with a wide range of other options which include the Shifttronic two-speed automatic reduction gearbox which is controlled remotely by an app.

Shifttronic gearbox
The two-speed Shifttronic gearbox helps ensure optimal efficiency

The system ensures that the feed mixer automatically switches gears based on the weight in the mixing tub, ensuring that the auger speed is always at an optimum. This results in a shorter mixing time and lower power requirement.

With the addition of these new models to the range, Trioliet has said that it can offer the right solution for every stable and farm set-up with the machines now being available for delivery.