Placing a combination of up to three separate items into a slot in one pass is now possible with the latest drills from Pottinger. Launched as the Terrasem pneumatic mulch seed drills, these latest machines from the company's tillage stable are able to place seed, fertiliser and another product, such as microgranules, in the same seed furrow, at different depths, simultaneously.

One name, many machines

The newly designed implements will be available with an array of options to provide passive seedbed preparation, or it may be used as a straight drill.

The universal precision metering and matched coulter system are claimed to guarantee exact seed placement.

The ability to deliver up to three components in one pass at a consistently high output, will enable optimum drilling for improved seed emergence and establishment, according to Pottinger.

Another feature highlighted in the announcement is that the drills come with the choice of injector metering or pressurised hopper metering systems.

They are also suitable for mulch and direct mulch drilling, as well as working on already cultivated ground.

Reconfiguring tillage tools with Pottinger drills

To reduce the crabbing effect of an asymmetrical tool arrangement, a rethink of how the tillage elements are configured leads to the new machines pulling in a straight line. This should bring greater efficiency and comparability with GPS, ensuring a more consistent and accurate sowing operation overall.
Pottinger with tillage tools
The disc harrow, as well as the fertiliser coulters (D Z-machine) and seed coulters, are now mounted in an X configuration to facilitate a more even pull. Improved seedbed preparation is said to be ensured by the aggressive point angle of the lead tillage tools. The tillage tools are mounted on sealed bearings, reducing the maintenance requirements and preventing contamination by dust and moisture.

Three products per slot

Full details of the new drills are somewhat thin on the ground. However, we are promised the combinations of single shoot, double shoot and double shoot-mix, which, we are also assured, are the keys to perfect emergence.

Pottinger does tell us that the choice between the application of just seed, seed with fertiliser and seed with fertiliser and one other additional component, such as micro-granules, companion crop or a second type of seed, offers great flexibility in matching machine to conditions.

The different components can also be deposited at different depths. The drills are available up to a working width of 6m and may be ordered from November onwards.