UK’s post-Brexit import system opens

The UK Government has officially opened its import notification system so that businesses can register the good they are bringing into the country post-Brexit.

To be able to import goods, businesses will need to use a new system called the Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System’ (IPAFFS).

The system requires details of imports to be declared at least 24 hours before arrival. It’s hoped this will help to minimise disruption for users while helping to maintain biosecurity and food safety.

The system is now accepting registrations as part of the public beta testing phase. First-time users should register via the webpage.

A spokesman said: “Our IPAFFS user guidance on has been updated to explain the registration process and helpful ‘how to’ videos published on YouTube – video for registering on IPAFFS as a limited company, as a sole trader, and adding additional users.”

Businesses have also been emailed with extra detailed guidance on IPAFFS and invited to a series of web-based workshops.

Importing Food And Feed From EU Countries

The overarching animal imports guidance has also been updated on how to import from the EU after exit.

Businesses importing animals and animal products from within the EU will need to use a separate interim system until the summer. The import notification form for EU to UK imports is now able  for download from