A new combine, the Tribine, has rolled of the production line in the US and it is said to be the latest concept in harvesting technology since World War II.

The combine manufactured by Tribine Industries, LLC took over 18 months to design and build before rolling off the company’s production line in Kansas.

According to the manufacturer, the Tribine may eliminate the need for a tractor and trailer in many harvesting operations, as it is equipped with a grain tank capacity of 36,000L.

This grain tank capacity allows the combine to make many field rounds without stopping, while it can be emptied in just under eight minutes through its 8m long auger.

Under the bonnet, the Tribine is powered by two Cummins engines, which provide 590 horsepower.

The dual engine design ensures dedicated power is always available to run the combine in the highest of yields and the toughest of crops.

The manufacturer also says that the combines 1,900L fuel tank integrates seamlessly allowing the combine to operate for 24 hours continuously.

An innovative new cab design

According to Tribine Industries, LLC, the combine also features an innovative new cab design for operator comfort and unprecedented visibility.

The steering wheel on the Tribine has been replaced with a single steering joystick allowing for improved and precise maneuverability of the harvester.

The cab is also equipped with a glass cab floor to provide unrestricted visibility down towards the header and the field.

While, the manufacturers also say that the operator has 360 degree visibility, through a LED lighting system, operator controlled cameras and extra-large side mirrors.

Threshing and cleaning features

The combine features the world’s largest threshing and cleaning system.

The cleaning area on the Tribine is up to twice the size of the cleaning area on other harvesters, it says and it is assisted by pneumatic methods for removing the chaff from the grain at very high throughput rates.

After the grain is separated, two side discharge choppers propel the finely chopped chaff out from the Tribine, for a swath width up to 50 ft.

This provides better field distribution of residue, for faster decomposition and return of nutrients back into the soil, it says.