Calving has begun on many farms across the country and there are plenty of videos on social media of happy calves and cows.

But we’ve come across the video on Facebook that will surely make you laugh.

Tim Buckley posted this video of a mock calving as part of a stunt, but we definitely don’t recommend you try getting into a pen with any cow that has recently calved.

Helped by his pals, Buckley dons a unicorn onesie as the ‘calving’ starts. As part of the stunt, Buckley is then disinfected with iodine and fed Heineken as milk replacer! Again, not behaviour that’s condoned by Agriland!

However, it appears that the young calf, aka Buckley, was having trouble trying to feed himself from the bucket and it’s time for intervention in the form of a stomach tube!

The lads in the video help him out and the ‘calf’ soon finds his feet. This is definitely a calving with a difference and there was some great acting involved in the stunt.

Just did my #necknomination lads thanks to Patrick Buckley I now nominate Sean Rice, John Courtney and Shane Carroll ye have 24 hours ye fuckers also a big thanks to Richard Rice for the camera work super job 🙂

Posted by Tim Buckley on Saturday, February 1, 2014